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Dry Mortar Powder Plant

Dry Mortar Powder Plant

Dry Mortar Powder Plant

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Modern Dry Mix Dry Mortar Powder Plant /System /Facilities Solutions

Type Modern tower pattern dry mix mortar plant solution features of:

Highly automation      

High accuracy

Fast and reliable dosing

Using gravity flow

Low maintenance 

Compact design, saving place

High quality products.

Dry Mix Mortar Plant Technology_Batching and Dosing

Zhongxin Machinery powder batching and Dosing Technology with profound backgound in dry mortar mix expertise and long running experiences help partners and customers to improve productivity, maximize the service life for the machinery and equipment.By specilizing in the design, manufacture and fabrication of dry mix mortar plant requisite machinery and equipment, conceptulize and realize customer tailor required configuration.
Experiences as well as highly professional expertise and know-how on the dry mix mortar project engineering supervising guideline service on the project installation and project management. At last, with professional plant installation services.
Dry Mortar Powder Plant

Fluidization system based on the gravity weight of the materials itself; this concept reduce the wear & tear and maintenance cost which means higher efficiency and lower cost of production.

   Dry Mortar Powder Plant   

by introducing small amount of airflow through the specially designed fluidization elements, distributed evenly into the conic section and the tubes of the silo. An optimum silo discharge is ensured for almost all types of fine dry powder material.

Dry Mortar Powder Plant

The fluid system combined with the double flap as dosing device gives several benefits such as:

High accuracy combined with high dosing speed;

Reliable and easy to clean;

Low maintenance need;

Fast and easy change of dosing device;

Few spare parts needed;

Non-abrasive handling of materials;

Compact layout of production process.

Our modern dry mix plant with the features of high efficiency, precision and flexibility associating with local raw materials. New production technology based on  a self-gravity  silo  discharge  and  dosing  system,  the construction of plants with gravity-based material flow without screw conveyors or semi-automation batching and dosing with precision screw feeder, the screws with the characteristics of abrasive, high capacity and speed adjustable. The formor advantages  enables compact plant layout, easier raw material changes, faster and more accurate dosing and less maintenance. Raw materials batching and dosing via a special fluidization technique and double flap valves.

Dry Mortar Powder Plant
  • Steady materials flow with fluidization system

The fluidization system makes the silo discharge in a even flow, and prevents the creation of dust, excess pressure in the silo, and segregation in the material, and saves compressed air. The fluidization works with different types of raw materials such as fine limestone powders, cements, burnt lime and various dry powder chemicals.

  • Dosing of raw materials with fluidizaiton system and combining with double flap valves

For the dosing system,  we adopt double flaps valve, where a built-in small flap valve is place at the main flap valve. The main valve opened for coarser dosing. Accurate feeding is carryout by closing the main valve and letting the small built-in valve stay open for required period.

Together with the fluidizaiton aeration system, our technology combing the doulbe flap valve technololy; and then very high accuracy and high capacity could be realized with our batching control system incorporated.

  • the Control System

For excellent batch control quality, our weighing and dosing process is controlled by high precision weighing controllers, for high accuracy as well as fastest measurements and metering.

The components for the control unit, PC workstation and control cabinets and controller, and connecting with Programmable Logic Controller, PLC.

We take the Motor Control Cabinet, MCC, and field electrification components for process electrification.

The PLCs and PC communicate through the standard communication network.

The PLC and controllers we using the reputed accepted brands with excellent performance, such as Siemens or ABB, the load cell from Toledo or china producers of good quality.

Our control system provides batching plant reporting, production tracking, condition monitoring and quality analysis, with function of management of recipes and dosing.

Full system display graphically, for whole plant process monitoring and control;

Alarm & Event monitoring analysis;

With reports of:

  • Batch Log;
  • Order Log;
  • Raw Materials List;
  • Consumption Report;
  • Production Report;
  • Recipe Details and List;
  • Recipe History
  • Dosing Deviation Analysis
  • ... ...

With features of:

  • Easy installation and learn and operation;
  • Multi-level access authorization with user name and password;
  • Customer specific customed reports;
  • Data security and processing reliability
  • etc.


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